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s h a t t e r e d g o l d

Fan Community for Tao Ren

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All Members , Moderated

Hello and welcome to shattered_gold, a community just for the fans of the fiery Chinese shaman known as Tao Ren.



- Please place all fanfiction, fanart, icons, and other media under a lj-cut.

- Don't be rude to other members. This should be a given.

- You could introduce yourself--it's nice to know who else is in the community.

- Credit all fanart and fanfiction if you didn't create it. Don't know the source? Please, don't post it.

- No blatant bashing of any characters or people, please, especially Ren. Keep everything civil.

- Stay open-minded. This community allows yaoi--which means homosexual content. If you don't like, don't read.

- Have fun!


Ren-related Links


Thanks for taking the time to read this. More will be put up as time progresses.


Community founded by fallen_sun. Any concerns, questions, or donations for the community, please direct them to me. Thanks!

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