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I'm sure most of you, but, some of you haven't heard of oversoul_rp, but, we're looking for new members. Our RP has slowed down dramatically, and, we don't want it to die yet. Please help us! ;_;

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Note: Our new Hao quit under time circumstances. So, if you've seen that he was taken before--he's free to be auditioned for.

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Fanart yo...

Tis so earily in da morning... *yawn*

But, here's some fanart I did of Ren in an oekaki board I frequent...I dun like it that much, but eh, whatever ^^ Ren's so the fallen angel type..ya know, he has such potential to be innocent or caring all the time, without feeling guilty about it, but he's been fucked over a few too many times.

'Let the blood wash your sins clean'

I'll LJ cut it if it's too big.. ^^;

Obligatory Introductory Rant...

Konbanwa Minna_san, I'm Jahi_san, a new member.
I wanted to ask if anyone else has noticed the similarities between Ren and beloved Legato Bluesummers from Trigun. They are both " blond eyed with blue hair" and both dead sexy, no? Where did you get the background for the site... it's very... yummy. Can I steal it?

* Pours blood on Ren and licks it off*
* Bows*

Se Ya!

Banana ^^

*waves* I've been into Shaman King for over a year and it NEVER hit me to join an LJ community -_-; I'm so smart. Anyway, I'm a huuuge Ren fan, mostly because Hororen is just...ugh, there could never be enough.

I also bring a banner I made ^^ It's taken from a scanned doujinshi cover(a bad scan I might add x_x) but colored by me. Feel free to use it..i dont really care about credit...you also might want to remove the tiny sig I have at the bottom.

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home sweet home // [hogwarts]

Fanart. Weee

First Fanart post. >D HAHA. Yay! I rule. XD...Not. its not even mine. I own it..technically. But I didnt draw it. Its my Commision from Anime north.  Its Hororen so Homophobics and haters of the pairing beware. :@

Crossposted everywhere I saw it needed to be posted.

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Gomen, I haven't posted in awhile. I've been so busy lately.... running the mile, buying cookies, doing homework, buying more cookies XDD. Lolz.

Yeah know the dub Ren? WHY THE HELL DOES HE HAVE A BRITISH ACCENT?!?!?!?!? He's CHINESE!!!!

Someone please tell me the answer....TT___TT

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HELLO EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lolz XDD. I'm such a baka! Anyways, this is my first post in this community, and I must say.... REN-KUN IS SO DAMN KAWAII!!!!!

Moving on....XDD

I'm not really all preppy and stuff (Points to the very first sentence), but I always get sugar high for no apparent reason.  So yeah!

I love Ren alot, as much as Yoh to say the least, and since I'm pretty big with canon couples, I like Ren with Pillica. Unless, Horo  comes into the picture ^___^








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Hello and welcome to shattered_gold, an lj community just for the fans of the one and only Tao Ren.

Rules are in the user info, please make your own life easier and follow them. ^^

The layout image and icon are from AZManiacs.

And, for the goodies in the first post... [x-posted in my personal journal]--

Scans from the ManKin #9 manga. ^^Collapse )

Thanks for joining. ^^

[Marie, fallen_sun]
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