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Hi? I suppose this community is still alive, more or less, 'cause fan communities die sometimes and someone has to revive them 8D;; So, I joined here some time ago, and I deacided now introduce myself. So, I am known as Rime in the net, and I'm a girl from Finland. And of course, I'm a huge fan of Ren and I'm watching Shaman King right now (I'm coming towards the end, episode 40! :D;), so I'll be his fan later on too.
But yes, of course I'm fan of Anna and the others, but from the beginning, I was a huge fan of Ren, maybe because his seiyuu is Paku Romi, who knows. But, well, I decided also ive you this from my deaviantart, because I haven't downloaded anything else lately. I really shouls, because all my Ren- pics are waiting for cleaning X___x' But here is this, you're welcome.


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