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Hello. My name is Author-sama, and I'm brand-new to this community (and LJ, actually). Nice to meet everyone. ^^

I'm a rabid YohRen supporter, but I like most Ren-related couples, so I doubt I'll have any problems with those of you who don't support YxR...just don't bash it. *nods* Ren is probably my favorite character in SK, but I also like Yoh, Horohoro, and Faust. I actually don't like most of the female characters...but Jun rocks. ^^

If anyone is interested in reading my YohRen fanfiction, you can go to my profile on Fanfiction.Net,, though I *do* plan to be posting them in LJ cuts in the near future. Bear with me; I can be pretty technologically challenged... *sweatdrop*


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