lucathia (lucathia_rykatu) wrote in shattered_gold,

new to community but an old Ren fan XD

Hehe, I've just realized how wonderful lj communities can be (and how time consuming).  I just spent the better of my day (when I should have been reading, studying, and doing homework) surfing through lj communities.  My gosh!  Ren's my favorite character is SK, so I'm so happy that this community exists! I saw a poster of him in SF that I wanted, but I (wah!) refrained from buying it and instead bought one featuring more of the SK crew.  (since Yoh looked really good in that one too!)

:3 I'm Lucathia, Lucathia for short.  The "rykatu" part I kept because I used to go under that name for writing fanfics, so I just squashed both names together in case someone from a long time ago still remembers me by that name.  Otherwise, the two parts in my name has nothing to do with each other. 

:( Even though Ren is my favorite character, I don't think I did him justice in the fics that I've written for him.  Here are all the Ren-based fics I've written...

Ongoing stories:
Learning Nihongo (pre-anime/manga)
Bason's Greatest Fear (sidefic to Hoshi ga Hoshii desu)

Waking Up

Hm...seems like I never finished a long series for Ren. 
But yeah, glad to be here! XD



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