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Hello and welcome to shattered_gold, an lj community just for the fans of the one and only Tao Ren.

Rules are in the user info, please make your own life easier and follow them. ^^

The layout image and icon are from AZManiacs.

And, for the goodies in the first post... [x-posted in my personal journal]--

Sorry if this takes a while to load. @_@;


Chibi!Hao and angsty!Ren.

"Better tie my pants or they might fall off."
Fangirls: Awww... ;_;

Hawt tattoo. >D

YohRen moment. I adore the expression on Ren's face...<3

w00t. Kickass pic, ruined by the binding. ;_;

Another Yoh-Ren pose.

Yoh saves Ren. =)

Ren realizes that all his friends have been beaten...

..not really. =D

"The darkness in my heart has cleared!"

Calm!Ren. ^^ --looks like he's wearing a skirt in that pic... >>;


OMAE WA KOROSE!~~Heero-ish Ren. xD;

Mauraiken! >)

Ren looks like a tearful Lys on this page...

(bottom-right panel) I love the way Ren falls. xD;

Thanks for joining. ^^

[Marie, fallen_sun]
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