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Yohko asked...?

I was asked by Yohko to post this pic in Shattered and Orange...cause? I dont know what I'm going to do with this one, but eh, we'll see...might end up becoming my doujinshi cover


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Beautiful... I love the shading... And really, you have to marry me ;_;
Im a losey boywife...
Then I'll be the boywife, and cook and clean and everything~ o^^o
YohRen! *____*

OMG Ren grew. o.o; *hides*

But it's gorgeous, as always. *worships your talent*
^^ Actually, I belive that Ren's taller than Yoh.. I know Yoh's taller when side by side, but Yoh wears thick sandles that easily give him a few inches...Ren's only got those slippers on ^^;

Yah, im a nerd, I go now.
You ever seen the New Year's piccuu with them all standing together? Ren's shorter than even Pirika and Tamao. ^^;

*giggle* Dawh, Ren's so widdle.. >)
*squishes him* That's why we luv ickle uke!Ren~ >D
awww noooz, I could not see the picture. It might be my computer's problem though. *sigh* Will try later.

In case if the link actually doesn't work anymore, could I please have a link to the picture? *_* <-- is a fan of YohRen/RenYoh and your art.