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I'm sure most of you, but, some of you haven't heard of oversoul_rp, but, we're looking for new members. Our RP has slowed down dramatically, and, we don't want it to die yet. Please help us! ;_;

If you'd like to join our RP:

-Write a sample entry as the character you'd like to RP. We don't care how you do it or what it's about. Just make sure it's legible and at a reasonable length.

-Email it to either me ( or Yohko ( along with your name/alias, the character you are auditioning for, IM contacts, and Livejournal, if applicable. You will get a response ASAP as to whether or not you are chosen to participate.


If you are chosen to participate in our RP:

-Post regularily. There are no specific deadlines, but please, post enough so we know who's active and who's not.

-Please have access to an instant messenger on a regular basis. MSN is most preferred.

-No AlTerNaTiNg CaPs or l337 5p43|< is allowed in posting. Occasional is okay, but don't get ridiculous with it.

-User proper grammar and spelling. It's fine if you think your character isn't the best typer, but at least make it legible. We make these entries for other people to read.

-Try to stay in character. Humor is allowed, random out-of-character stupidity is not.

-Don't take the RP so seriously to the point where you start taking offense to a personal level. We're here to have fun!

-If you have a problem with someone else in the RP, take it with them. If the problem persists, take it with the mods. We don't want people holding grudges against each other.

-If you ever decide to leave the RP, please let us know. It leaves an air of confusion when people decide to disappear without anyone knowing.

If you can't handle those rules, don't audition. We've had this RP since March (was it March? xD;), and we're not looking to have it die just yet.


These characters have been taken and are unavailable:
orange_san // Asakura Yoh [midnight127]
kigurou_gakkyuu // Oyamada Manta [boundinchains]
lonelytiger // Tao Ren [LJ unavailable]
ainushaman // Usui HoroHoro [demonyohko]
necro_faust // Faust VIII [nezumishi]
lsd_fairyboy // Lyserg Diethel [vriska]
hanshanotenshi // Marco [yomigaere]
opacho_sheep // Opacho [lilc_101]
halo_buddahgiri // Amidamaru/Bason/Tokageroh/Kororo/Morphine/Spirit of Fire >_>; [darklittleaibou]

Available characters include, but are not limited to:

This list will be updated regularily as we get more members!

Thanks for reading!

Note: Our new Hao quit under time circumstances. So, if you've seen that he was taken before--he's free to be auditioned for.

[X-Posted in shaman_king and orangeboy_yoh, but, altered slightly]
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